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It all started when we were teenagers, finding a new swing key or winning a tournament. The process of improving at golf seemed like a never ending quest for knowledge. As the evolution proceeded we realized that we would be constantly learning and always evolving with this game. Perhaps we could try to master it however it seemed like a huge jigsaw puzzle. Even after being on national teams, successfully negotiating tour schools and consistently shooting in the sixties in our minds our game lay there imperfect.

A one million piece jigsaw puzzle and we wanted answers that were undisputed and not mere talk.

We have read hundreds of golf books, stayed up late watching our favorite golfers on slow motion video, observing each position in minute detail. We have worked with some of the finest teaching professionals on the planet.

This is what we do.

We are P.G.A. Members as passionate about golf as you are. Our careers have been dedicated to improving the games of golfers for over 20 years. At some time we have all Topped, Sliced, Hooked and Shanked.

We have improved the game of thousands of students beginner through expert. The items contained within this site are the best we have come across in the last two decades. We refuse to deal with magic or band aids as that is a discredit to our art, we all know there are no magic cures in golf.

However as Teachers and Touring Professionals we understand the merit of various items and understandings. We have tested each concept before bringing it to the site, filtering inventory from thousands of items and methods to a distinct selection that have really worked for us personally, our students and will work for you.


Our Goals
To help golfers evolve in a positive direction.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To give the golfing public honest professional advice

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