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Eyeline 4 Elements Putting Kit
You will need a few key tools to help you get the full impact of the 4 Putting Elements training program. We have assembled your Tool Kit. It will give you the feedback to make your practice perfect. It includes 7 EyeLine aids, a carry bag, and the 4 Elements Practice Sessions Book. With a $260.00 value, this package saves you some money and some strokes!

This fun package includes all of the tools you need to improve every element of your putting. Walk into your practice arena ready to see some improvement!

Each product in your Tool Kit has a specific purpose:

Ball of Steel 3-Pack - Impact, Path, Speed
EyeLine Edge Mirror - Setup, Path, Course
EyeLine Edge Rail - Setup, Path, Speed
Sweet Spot 360˚ 3-Pack - Impact
Impact Ball Liner 3-Pack - Setup, Impact, Course
Golf Metronome Tour Edition - Path, Speed, Course
Pendulum Putting Rod - Setup, Path, Impact, Speed
4 Putting Elements Practice Sessions Book - Drills for each Element with links to videos
Carry Bag - Keep your tools ready!

"Perfect practice makes comfortable".

Price: $259.95  Sale price $199.95

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