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The Perfect Line Putting Mat
Create the perfect practice station for your home or office. Tour players make 50% of their 9 foot putts. If you want to reach their skill level then this unique putting mat is a must. It is the best practice surface in the world. It's special grain will even show you the path of the ball. Roll it out, make 50 putts, roll it up and put it away... a great way to start your day.

  • High tech fiber matting actually shows you the path of your putts
  • This premium mat has a perfect roll right out of the box
  • The grain of the mat allows for fast down-grain speed and slightly slower     against-the-grain speed
  • Perfect size for home or office roll it up again for easy storage
  • Features a great low profile hole that helps you train your speed, just like a real green

  • Price: $69.95  Sale price $59.95

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