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Golf metronome


Benefits: Improved tempo and rhythm for short and long game, More consistency, Improved sequencing.


The clip on golf metronome emits a quick rhythmical beep that can be heard by the golfer when clipped onto the shirt collar. The cadence is adjustable and is great for practicing short and full golf swings. Tempo is such a great swing thought for many golfers to have a golf training aid to help you is an asset. The metronome takes up minimal room in your golf bag.


When you hear someone talking about 'finding their swing' he or she usually means they are trying to find their swing tempo for that day. Practicing to ingrain a consistent rhythm and swing tempo can make the difference between a smooth effortless swing and an uptight out-of-sequence swing.

Whether putting or driving, the Golf Metronome will provide a structure to improve your:

  • Takeaway & backswing 'set' point.

  • Transition into the downswing.

  • Putting stroke - eliminate the yips!

  • Putting and short-game distance control.

One of the Golf Metronome's most appealing features is it's simplicity. Two buttons increase or decrease the number of beats per minute (from 30 b.p.m. to 200 b.p.m.) while the ON/OFF button adjusts the volume. Includes drawstring carry pouch. Discreetly clip the Golf Metronome onto your cap or shirt lapel, then watch the awed expressions of your golfing partners looking at your silky new swing.

The Golf Metronome Works!

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