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Beginner Golf Clubs


The basics of buying a starter golf set:



Choosing the correct set of clubs for your level of play and budget need not be a long and frustrating process. However with marketing spiels and advertising of unbelievable claims continually in our face, many beginner golfers seek professional advice and need help making this decision. You will be happy to know that making more pars and birdies need not cost you an arm and a leg.


We wanted to simplify the process, an affordable and functional beginner golf set is important to your lifestyle and enjoyment of the game.  


Purchasing the right golf starter set is an important step in your future golfing career. This article will allow you to understand the basics of what you should be looking for. This article is not designed to be an all-encompassing history of golf clubs with diverse statistical and performance information. 


Time for that will come when we prepare for the Open in a couple of years. Obviously we could pay a few hundred dollars for a professional clubfitting utilizing Flightscope or Trackman technology, this article is targeted toward the entry level golfer who is just looking to get out on the links on a reasonable budget.


Once we have all of the principles of great golf in place we will need to fine-tune all of those factors. This information is merely the basics to steer you in the right direction and simplify the process. Getting out on the course and playing the game, with some money still left in your pocket is your current priority.


We want to help you understand your needs and requirements so that you can make a more educated choice saving money and time.


You need to set a few basic guidelines when purchasing a new set of clubs.


How much do you want to spend on golf clubs?

What specifications are right for your level of play?

What Shaft flex?

Graphite or Steel Shafts?

What head design?

Set Make Up?


How much do you want to spend?


High quality beginner Golf Clubs and Starter Golf Club Sets are available new for as little as $300.00 these are the exception rather than the rule. And many of these sets have everything you will need from woods, irons, hybrid driving iron, putter and a bag. At the other end of the spectrum a professional club fitter can run you through a fitting and get you dialled in to peak performance. However, please keep in mind that high level fitters may charge up to $300 for the fitting then the clubs may be up to $3000. Obviously if money is not an object or you are a sponsored Tour Player a fitting with a professional club fitter is hard to beat, and if you are a serious tournament player highly recommended. Although for a large majority of amateur golfers the $300 fitting fee could be used to get you started in the game and out on the course.

Back to our discussion on the price, quite often students are happy with their first purchase of clubs for a few years before feeling the need to go out and get fitted with high end golf clubs. So if you are a beginner golfer with a standard build and reasonably standard swing we would suggest a standard set of clubs. Unless you are unusually tall, short, strong or have very large or very small hands.  Generally speaking when regarding beginner golf clubs we would recommend golf starter clubs valued under $500.00 so you can have a good quality set and not over commit on your golfing budget.


What specifications are right for me?


Golf clubs come in all shapes and sizes some considerations for the correct set for you are as follows.


What golf club flex is right for me?


As a general rule a beginner golf starter set should have a golf club shaft that fits their needs. We would strongly discourage purchasing a set of clubs that is too stiff for the amount of speed that the golfer produces. If there were a direction to err we would suggest a softer shaft, which is easier to flex. Like a fishing rod we need to flex the shaft to get the most distance. We would strongly discourage 100-pound women purchasing the next-door neighbor's extra stiff shafted men’s golf clubs, even if they were dirt-cheap. This would hinder your progression substantially.

For the beginner golf set we would suggest for most men to start out with a men’s standard club shaft and for women we would definitely consider the shaft flex as a very important factor of your purchase. Choose the softest or ladies flex until your swing speed and golf muscles are developed. Some very strong athletic women may eventually use regular or stiff men’s club shafts.


Should you purchase Graphite or Steel Shafts?


The question of golf shaft composition could raise some debate amongst your playing partners. Many beginner golfers will prefer to use the graphite shafted clubs as these help to absorb the jarring of shots not hit perfectly in the sweet spot. The advantage of steel shafted clubs is they are generally a little cheaper and more consistent.


What Golf Club Head Design?


There are many golf club head designs on the market, too many to mention them all. We want you as a beginner to be looking for an Iron Golf Club Head Design that features a lot of weight on the base of the club. This will assist you getting the golf ball into the air. Golf clubs with a cavity back are very good for the golf starter set as the perimeter weighted design of cavity back golf club will allow for the sweet spot of the golf club to be larger than the thinner blade style models which are generally better left for the pro’s or top amateurs.


What is the best starter golf set make up?


Golf set make up refers to the type of clubs and the loft of clubs that you decide to use in your starter golf set.

Traditionally a standard set of golf clubs would comprise of Irons 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW and SW and woods 1 3 and 5.

With the invention of the utility clubs and hybrids many manufacturers now choose to build sets without the 3 irons. Hybrid clubs are often used as a replacement for the 3 irons (sometimes 4 and 5 irons as well) as they are easier to hit.

When buying golf starter clubs it may be tantalizing to look for the expensive high end driver however we suggest that unless you are a very accomplished golfer that a 5 or 7 wood will be a far more enjoyable experience.

We hope that this helps you make a smarter choice and saves you a few dollars.

Many golfers have contacted us requesting a recommendation on one or two sets that we particularly like for beginner golfers.

We have a few sets that we have hand selected as good beginner models. Please contact us for details on these. These sets will come with all the clubs that you will need to kick start your golfing career including woods, irons, bag, putter and hybrid iron. These Golf Clubs Sets have the quality, looks and easy to use design that you will be happy with for years to come. The cost of these Golf Clubs is low for the relative features and usability. 

We are constantly on the lookout for great beginner sets so if you find a great set for a low price, please give us your feedback.

In the mean time, I hope this helps you on your journey!

If you still have questions on the correct set of starter golf clubs for your specific needs. Please contact one of our P.G.A Professionals. We look forward to helping you to Play Better! Click here to contact us with your questions via email.

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