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Thank you for your Question: My ball flight is always high with very little or no roll, especially on the Driver. Please help?  Answer: Play courses with hard fairways.    Just Kidding!  We suggest that it sounds as if you are either staying too far back or flipping.  We have two Simple Golf Tips/Golf Drills for you: Golf Tip / Golf Drill 1) Tap your right toe (1 to 3 Times) when you finish your swing making sure you get to your front foot in balance and are not hanging back on your right foot.   Hanging back means that the upper body will stay too far behind the ball through impact.  This would determine that your sternum is too far behind the ball at impact, meaning that your swing center is too far behind the ball.  Calculating these factors it is likely that we will be hitting too far behind the ball, especially with a three wood off the fairway etc.  With a Driver off a high tee we will probably hit the ball too high. This is a subconscious reaction of the golfers mind to get such a low lofted club to hit the ball into the air.    Golf Tip / Golf Drill 2)  With a 7 iron off the grass put the ball on a penny, tails side is best.  Grab a small stick, leaf or tee and place it flat 4 inches behind the ball.  Test: Can you hit the penny out from under the ball, but miss the tee, leaf or stick? Yes it is O.K to take a divot with the penny. This is a great simple drill to detect if you are throwing the club on the downswing (Perfect for Bass/Trout Fishing when the fish are in the reeds but BAD FOR GOLF).  If you are casting the club you will probably hit the tee, leaf or stick and miss the penny. This would be a major power leak in your swing and will also lead to either a very high ball flight or topped shots. Simply work on this until you are hitting the ball with a club shaft that is vertical at impact rather than leaning back or scooping. Your right wrist should be slightly bent back at impact even with a driver.  Training Aid Prescription: An Impact bag would be a great investment for your game.  

Please keep sending us your golf questions through the Contact Us Section on the site. We attempt to answer all of the golf swing questions we receive. We will definitely pick one a week to feature on the site.

Hope this helps your game.  Geoff Murtha

P.G.A Professional




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