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After years of playing and teaching golf around the world, here are a few Golf Tips for improving your game.



Golf Tip 1: There are a million preferences for what you should do with your golf swing, however the principles remain the same. If the change you are considering is not focusing on improving club path, clubface position, speed, angle of attack or centeredness of hit please consider seriously whether the change is worth spending too much time on.


Golf Tip 2: Quite often an improvement upon the fundamentals will cure several peripheral flaws.



Golf Tip 3: Faults work in pairs: An alignment fault will result in a swing compensation.



Aiming too far to the right would necessitate a strong grip or an over the top move in order to hook or pull the golf ball to the target. 



Golf Tip 4: The whole motion revolves around solid impact.



Golf Tip 5: Plane is the boss, without plane we are constantly steering the golf ball with the hands. With correct swing plane we can smash the ball down the target line.



Golf Tip 6: On the course focus: Target, Target, Target.

   Stare, Feel, and Produce.



Golf Tip 7: The hands are sensors constantly monitoring the weight of the club and delivering the blow. Like a tradesman learning to hammer a nail we must always have a sense of the weight of the club.


Golf Tip 8: If you cannot hit a solid chip shot you are probably having trouble with your driver.




Golf Tip 9: The body does all of the work. The shoulders turn in the back swing and the abs control the through swing.



Golf Tip 10: We need to be able to hit a chip, pitch, bunker shot, putt, drive, think and manage our way around the golf course. Strength in all of these areas creates great results. Work on your weaknesses.



Golf Tip 11: Hit the ball down, out and forward. Never up!



Golf Tip 12: More than 1/2 of the scoring shots are played within 50 yards of the green.



Golf Tip 13: The most effective and proven learning styles are Visual and Feel related. Training equipment that relates to the principles of great golf is more effective than a thousand pages of information.



Golf Tip 14: Golf is a lifestyle and a constant evolution of learning and refining. Never stop learning.

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