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Golf Training Aids which one is the best?


As P.G.A. Professionals we are often asked this question when a student looks toward developing a better golf swing. The best golf training aid is the one that is designed to improve your current swing flaw. We have several golf training aids that we would highly recommend for any golfer and others that are very fault specific. As P.G.A. Professionals we understand that the correct golf training aid in the hands of a student can save thousands of wasted words. Tactile and kinesthetic changes are far easier to implement through the use of a correctly prescribed golf training aid.


The most important factor when choosing a golf training aid?


Is the golf training aid specific to my fault?

Is the golf training aid fundamentally sound?

Is the price of the golf training aid cost effective for the improvement it will bring?

Is the design and durability of the golf training aid functional, portable, and long lasting?


Although some golf training aids will work on one specific fault there may be a cross training effect e.g. A Tempo training club may also help the transition from the top of the back swing to the downswing and therefore the swing plane is also improved. The best golf training aid for your specific needs is probably a very simple device, we have found this is most often the case with golf training aids. Generally the golf training products that become staple items for the industry are very simple, durable and easy to set up. 


Please do a little research before jumping into a new golf training aid that you saw on an infomercial. We are constantly sent new golf training aids and golf training equipment. After years of teaching golf and working in the golf training aid industry it is quite easy to decipher the difference between the fundamental and the bizarre. We will never stock or recommend any golf training aid or golf training product on this site that we would not use ourselves or give to a student.


Please take advantage of our site. We built it so you can stay informed on the latest golf training aid designs and philosophies. Use it to locate golf training aids, golf fitness and golf training equipment. We look forward to any feedback that you have for us regarding golf training.


Hope this helps you, enjoy the journey.


Geoff Murtha

Head P.G.A. Professional

Golf Training Stuff Inc. 

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