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Two Rubber Bands for better Putting

Two rubber bands placed 1 inch apart from the sweet spot of your putter will help you find center hits with the putter more often. Distance control will be much better as will direction. As you improve place the bands closer together.


The Penny Drill for better Impact

Hitting shots with the ball placed on a penny is a great visual reminder of where to aim the bottom edge of the club. The purpose of this drill is to actually hit the penny out from underneath the ball. The best drill if you are topping shots.


Piece of string and two meat skewers for putting alignment

For putting alignment take two meat skewers, tie an 8 foot long piece of elastic or string to the eye of the skewers. When practicing your putting on a flat putt simply stretch the string from behind the hole to 8 feet out. This will give you a very effective and simple line to the hole. Pros have been doing this one for years to help their aim and alignment it works.


Hit an old tire

For the feeling of a solid impact I can still remember my first teacher having me hit an old tire with small swings.


Three peices of grass for a more solid grip

Place one peice of grass under the heal  pad of the left hand, one in between the left thumb and right lifeline and one under the right fore finger. These peices of grass should stay in position from the start to the fininish of the swing. (For a great visual on this check out hogans 1 iron in golf art.)


Do you have a great golf training aid that can be built for under $1.00? let us know about it so we can spread the knowledge.

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