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Golf Impact Drill

Hit a penny off a mat. Can even do this one at home, perfect for educating the hands like a tradesman learning to hammer a nail. Start out with a chip shot and learn to hit a penny off a mat. This drill will very quickly train the precision needed to get the ball airborne off the grass. If you can hit the penny you can hit the bottom of the ball and eliminate topped shots.



Hit a penny out from under the ball Fine tune your clubhead aiming skills place the ball on a penny. Try to clip the penny out from underneath the ball. The best drill to reduce the hands flipping through impact.



Hit the line in the bunker to train club head precision This drill utilizes the fact that the sand will give feedback on the accuracy of your impact. Start out with small swings and gradually build up to bigger swings. Take out the line with the impact working down,out and forward. Will quickly see if your impact is too far behind or in front of the ball.


Chip a broom handle down out and forward to train the hands. Right wrist bent back, left wrist flat at impact Chip only with this drill, ankle high swings with a six iron, a chip shot would mean that the backswing and through swing would go no higher than the ankles. The broom handle or thick dowel should move only an inch or two however travel perfectly straight unless the hands ruin the motion.



Golf Impact Drills


Use an impact bag to feel solid blow The Impact bag is perfect for the sensation of a powerful and efficient blow. The motion will be driven by the pivot of the hips and the clubshaft will be vertical at impact never leaning backwards.



Full Swing Motion Drills

Feet together to feel better arms swing. With the heels and toes of each foot touching hit some balls while maintaining balance. This drill is great for the sensation of a soft and fluent swing of the arms. Let the arms fire down to the target line on the through swing.



Whippy tempomaster This very flexible shafted training club will help you feel one fluent motion, educating the hands to feel the clubhead through out the swing The whippy is the best training aid we have ever discovered for improving the feel of the clubhead through-out the swing. Letting the bigger muscles of the body hit the ball and reducing power sapping hand motion.


Left foot Right toe will take away stability to improve balance Place the ball off the left foot. Pull the right foot in directly behind the left, reducing stability. Make a fluent swing while maintaining balance. 



Thumbs up back to thumbs up through. If your swing is too flat or rounded this drill is great. With a 1/2  swing working from 9.00 o'clock back, to 3.00 o'clock through. Feel the thumbs are pointing to the sky back and pointing to the sky on the through swing.

Three balls in a row without stopping to feel uniformity. For more advanced players only. This will help you feel uniformity in your swing.  Place 3 balls down in a line away from you. The balls should be 3-4 inches apart. Hit each ball seperately with three continuous swings.


Tap tap tap with the right toe to finish to get to left side To ensure that you have finished in balance over your left foot tap your right big toe upon finishing your swing.


Swing a wet towel To get a sense of rhythm swing a towel. The towel should never go limp and will never be cast away will give the sensation of one fluent motion with the hands sensing but never hitting. 


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Fix Slice Drills

Check grip before you do any of these. If you are continually slicing the first check would be that we need to see if the v's formed between the thumb and fore finger of both hands are pointing in between the right shoulder and the the right side of the chin.


On plane 1/2 way back. Right arm down the target line 1/2 way through This drill is one of the simplest and most effective when done correctly. From a balanced set-up make a backswing to 9.00 o'clock, check that the butt of the club is pointing on the target line. On the follow through to 3.00 o'clock ensure that the right arm fires down to the target. The right palm will face the ground to square the face.

Please note:

Slicers will generally find the right arm will fire left and the right palm faces up with there normal swing pattern. On the follow through to 3.00 o'clock, Please ensure that the right arm fires down to the target. The right forefinger will be on top of the club.



Split hands on the club 3 inches apart. Make practice swings and  feel an upgraded fore-arm rotation. With the left hand on the club as normal move the right hand down to the bottom of the handle. Make a practice swing and let the fore-arms rotate closer together on the follow through.


There are many reasons for your slice. Work on these drills. If you are still having trouble on the right side of the fairways book a lesson with your favorite P.G.A Professional.



Putting Drills

Putting ladder. Ball set up at 1 feet, 2 feet, 3 feet etc from hole. Do 1 - 7 feet without missing. This drill is perfect for creating pressure when practicing on your own. It provides a focused practice session while improving your scoring dramatically.

No you can not leave before you get from 1 to 7 feet without missing


Speed Drill. Place two balls at 10 feet from hole, two at 20 feet, 1 at 30 feet Working mainly on speed you will get 2 points for holing a putt one point for each putt past the hole but within 18 inches. Any Putt left short or outside 18 inches past will score a 0.

As a variation try scoring -1 for each putt short or outside 18 inches.


Elastic Line Drill Get a 10 foot piece of elastic, tie one pencil at each end. Stretch over the center of the hole on a flat part of the green will give perfect alignment. Hole 100 in a row from 6 feet (eventually!)


Hit the tee putting from 3 feet for finer focus Place two tees 3 feet apart putt back and forth see how many times in a row you can hit the tees.

Can also use small coins


Putt between two clubs just wider than the putter head to improve straight back and straight through On short putts the putter head will work through the center of the two shafts reducing the wobbly stroke.



Putting track The putting track will give you a simple portable device to work on your alignment and putting mechanics.

Golf Alignment Drills

Build train tracks by placing two clubs on the ground.

Always set the first club by looking straight down the line just as you would sight a gun. The club that is used to aim your clubface will point straight to the target. The second club will be placed parallel to the first to help body alignment.


Bunker Drills

Arms finish over left shoulder to improve speed.

Your priority when you are in the bunker is to get out of the bunker. So often the reason for leaving a ball in the bunker is that the arms stop swinging. Simply swing and allow the club to rest over the left shoulder to finish. Have the courage to allow the the club and arms to swing through. Remember we will learn to get out of the bunker first then we will develop finesse.



Bunker Drills

Hit the dollar bill out of the sand.

The ball placed in the middle of the dollar will come out with the sand.

Draw a dollar bill around your ball ( in practice only ).

The ball would represent George Washington.

Swing and hit the whole dollar bill out to the flag, George will pop out on the sand.

Warning Do not hit george in the fore head.





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