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The Inside Approach Golf Training Aid:


Inside Approach If your swing flaw is an over the top move this golf training aid could be worth its weight in gold. The Inside Approach is a simple golf training device that sits just above the ground on your target line. Visually this golf training aid is fantastic as it stops the over the top fault of 90% of golfers. The Inside Approach as the name suggests helps you to hit the ball from the Inside Approach path with your golf club and is endorsed by Jack Nicklaus. As more and more golfers and golf professionals use the Inside Approach they are finding new ways to utilize the Inside Approach's unique design features.


The Inside Approach can also be used to stop players coming from too far inside or too steep into the ball depending on how you set up your Inside Approach.


The Inside Approach is a very simple and powerful golf training aid. The Inside Approach Works!


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