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Whippy Tempomaster


Benefits: Tempo, Improved transition from backswing to downswing, More consistent golf, Repeatable golf swings, Fix Slice.


The whippy tempomaster golf training aid has earned itself its own section on the site. To describe the sensation of a uniform golf swing and a motion that constantly stresses the golf club is difficult to explain. Within minutes of using the super flexible shaft of the whippy tempomaster golf training club many students start to feel that the hands task is to monitor the weight of the golf club. It has been said that a golf swing should feel as though you were swinging a rock on a string. With less excessive motion from the hands and arms the transition from the top of the back swing to the start of the down swing becomes smooth and on plane. The common error of club head throwaway in the down swing can very quickly and easily be cured as the hands develop a sense of the weight of the club head. The result is a smoother tempo and a heavy blow into the ball. To develop a sense of the weight of the club and improve your transition from the top of your swing the whippy tempomaster golf training aid is hard to beat. You may have never seen or used the whippy but most students after looking at the super soft golf club shaft with misbelieve, soon feel the benefits normally within the first ten swings. 


The whippy tempomaster golf training club works!




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