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 These are P.G.A Professional reviews with honest opinions about the best Golf Training Aids for Amateur golfers. We left the marketing guru's sipping Latte's at the coffee shop!




Medicus 5 Iron and Medicus Driver


Benefits: Fix slice, greater distance, improved swing plane, tempo, feel of correct motion and sequencing.


The Medicus Dual hinge 5 Iron and the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver are amongst the most popular Golf Training Aids ever produced. The Medicus will provide visual and kinesthetic feedback as to the correctness of your golf swing. The medicus dual hinge golf training club will assist the user to feel and see the correct motion through a dual hinge system that is set to an ideal swing plane. The Medicus hinges are adjustable in tension via a key on the hinge system. Swing tempo and sequencing can also be improved as the Medicus will break if the takeaway is jerky or off plane. The Medicus Dual Hinge 5 iron and the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver have earned their way into the golf bags of touring professionals and beginner golfers for its simplicity and outstanding function.

The Medicus Works!


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P3Pro Golf Swing Analyzer / Golf Simulator 

Benefits: Swing analysis tools will help golfers understand all aspects of there golf shots leading to more consistent shot making. The P3pro is lots of fun and is very effective for productive golf practice and virtual golf at home.



Golf practice at home has been a dream of so many golf nuts and now can be achieved for under $1000.00 with the P3pro swing analysis unit connected to your PC or laptop computer.


The P3pro analysis tools will allow you to work on your golf swing at home.

Golf ball flight tools reduce the need for guesswork with P3pro visual display of Golf Club Path, Golf Clubface Position, Swing Speed, Centeredness of hit and angle of attack are all analyzed and reported. The golf swing analyzer mode of the P3pro is super accurate, which is very refreshing as some of the golf simulators, and golf analyzers over the past 10 years have been a little lacking in the accuracy department. The P3pro golf simulator has the required technology to give precise feedback even for a professional golfer.



The idea of having a full golf simulator experience is also within reach and affordable with the P3proSwing analysis unit which can be upgraded with the P3pro Customized Golf Hitting Mat, P3pro Projector Hitting Screen and Projector for under $3000,00. Providing the function and accuracy of the industrial golf simulators with productive practice sessions and a fun golf experience for beginner golfers to tournament players.


With the P3proSwing golf analyzer or P3pro golf simulator package golfers will receive a valuable virtual golf experience in the comfort of there home. If starting out you are able to start with the P3proSwing analyzer unit and slowly build to the full simulator mode.


Obviously the P3pro unit should only be set up in an area with enough room to swing a golf club without it coming near to ceilings or walls. Also we would like to advise that the P3pro practice net should not be placed directly up against a wall, as the hitting net will give slightly with full swings.



For versatility, affordability and over all performance the P3pro golf simulator is the best value for money golf analyzer / golf simulator that money can buy. The P3pro Works!



Inside Approach


If your swing flaw is an over the top move this golf training aid could be worth its weight in gold. The Inside Approach is a simple golf training device that sits just above the ground on your target line. Visually this golf training aid is fantastic as it stops the over the top fault of 90% of golfers. The Inside Approach as the name suggests helps you to hit the ball from the Inside Approach path with your golf club and is endorsed by Jack Nicklaus. As more and more golfers and golf professionals use the Inside Approach they are finding new ways to utilize the Inside Approach's unique design features.


The Inside Approach can also be used to stop players coming from too far inside or too steep into the ball depending on how you set up your Inside Approach.


The Inside Approach is a very simple and powerful golf training aid. The Inside Approach Works! Buy Now




Speed Stik





Speed Stik


Speed Stik will help you to analyze and develop more speed in your golf swing. With the Speed Stik you can simply view the miles per hour of your golf swing, as the Speed Stik has a patented gauge at the lower end of the Speed Stik. This gauge can determine the miles per hour with great accuracy.


The Speed Stik is effective and affordable and is used by P.G.A Tour Players including Vijay Singh. The Speed Stik comes in two colors red and blue, to determine which Speed Stik is right for the golfer.


Golfers under 175 pounds should purchase the Blue Speed Stik while players over 175 should purchase the Red Speed Stik.


We firmly believe that the Speed Stik is an effective golf training aid and that the price point of the Speed Stik provides a great value for money relative to the feedback it provides.


The Speed Stik Works!


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Benefits: Fix Slice, improve distance, improve swing plane.


This golf swing guide is called the swingyde and provides an assessment of the correct position of the left wrist on the back swing.


 When the swingyde is set on the left wrist on the back swing you can be assured that the wrist position is fully loaded for the down swing.


The greatest benefit of the swingyde is that it shows the user how to release the club on the follow through. If the swingyde connects again with the left arm on the follow through the forearm has rotated correctly giving the golfer greater distance and fixing many slicing tendencies. The swingyde is perhaps the simplest and most effective golf training aids on the market the improvement value versus cost is hard to beat. The Swingyde Works!


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Impact Bag


Benefits: Fix slice, improve distance, feel of impact position, understanding the role of the hips, understanding and feeling the correct hand position at impact.


The impact bag is one of the best golf training aids on the market for understanding and improving the moment of truth, impact. The design is simple with a durable and long lasting bag that is simply filled with towels. The bag replaces the golf ball for training purposes. Simply by hitting the impact bag you will be able to feel the correct position for a strong repeatable blow. The impact bag has been on the market for many years now and has truly stood the test of time for its simplicity and effectiveness. The golf impact bag works!


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Golf Simulators


Golf Coach and swing analyser



Golf Simulators have recently become more affordable and therefore more popular amongst Golf Professionals and Amateur golfers. The personal golf simulator market now offers Golf Simulators that allow the user to play a virtual golf game in the comfort of there own home. With many areas of the U.S.A being either too cold in winter or too hot in the summer golf simulators allow golfers of all levels to stay in touch with there golf game in the off season.


We are very pleased to offer the:


P3pro golf simulator

PC Tour golf simulator

Golf coach and analyzer


Depending on your price range and individual requirements we have a golf simulator to fit your needs. Golf simulators technology previously found in the simulators priced around the $20,000 mark are now offered at just a few hundred dollars.


Our entry-level golf coach and analyzer is a functional unit with a display that is connected to the system. Feedback is given via this panel and no separate computer connection is required.


The PC Tour golf simulator will connect to your home computer to allow you to play golf at home via the included EA Sports Tiger Woods 2004 software.


The p3pro golf simulator offers incredibly accurate readings on your ball flight and will allow you to play golf or practice your golf with the included software. The p3pro golf simulator has won best in show at the Florida P.G.A Show. The p3pro golf simulator is very affordable for the functionality that it provides and will bring years of virtual golf play and practice. The system also has swing analysis tools that will let you understand your club path, club speed and clubface position. The system will connect to your home computer or a laptop and we suggest that if you are setting the p3pro golf simulator to a lap top computer that you purchase the U.S.B connector cables.


The basic p3pro golf simulator can be expanded as required with available screens and projector capabilities.


These golf simulators work and we have one to fit your needs and budget.


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Full Package Unit, Mat and Net Just $945.00




Golf Gym


Golf Gym is designed specifically for golf fitness and golf strength training and will also improve your Golf Flexibility.


Golf Gym has been tested extensively and provides an effective workout for golfers to improve their strength and flexibility in the golf muscles.


The Golf Gym comes in two models.


Golf Gym Personal Edition


Golf Gym Masters Edition


Golf Gym Personal Edition has all of the features and functionality of the Golf Gym Masters Edition the only exception being that the Golf Gym Masters Edition comes with three bands of varying intensity.


The Golf Gym Personal Edition has the one resistence band and this is reflected in the price. Golf Gym Personal edition is slightly less expensive the than the Golf Gym Masters Edition.


Both of the Golf Gym products provide great value for money.


The Golf Gym is durable and built to last, Golf Gym is very simple to use and we believe that the Golf Gym provides a genuine benefit to serious golfers.


Look at the P.G.A Tour Players and we can see that golf fitness is here to stay.


The Golf Gym will help you look after your most valuable asset.





The Golf Gym Works!


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Golf Gym Weighted Club will help you to train those golf specific muscles. The Golf Gym Weighted Golf Club is simple to use and very effective. The Golf Gym Heavy club can be used to warmup for golf and to stretch the golfing muscles as well as golf strengthening.


For the site we have called the


Golf Gym Heavyclub 28 (Heavy)

Golf Gym Heavyclub 38 listed as (Heaviest)


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For more information behind the Golf Gym Philosophy this article will be helpful. 


GOLFGYM® Introduces The Golfgym Heavy Club
At Fall Pga Merchandise Show In Las Vegas

GolfGym®, the maker of the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer is proud to announce their newest golf conditioning product, the GolfGym HeavyClub. The company is introducing its latest product at the Fall PGA Merchandise Show in Las Vegas.

"We envision becoming the total solution for golf fitness," exclaimed GolfGym president Ken Pierce, "and the GolfGym HeavyClub is a major step in that direction. We feel that the unique design and price point (retail price $59.95) of the GolfGym HeavyClub sets it apart from other training aids in this market."

The GolfGym HeavyClub is 38 inches long and weighs 38 ounces. The Golf Gym 28 is 28 Inches long and weighs 28 ounces. The weight is proportioned like a regular golf club with half the weight in the bottom third of the club.  It feels like swinging a heavy traditional golf club.

"The GolfGym HeavyClub serves many purposes," said Pierce. "Yes, it's a great tool for getting loose prior to the start of a round or a practice session and the feedback it provides helps the golfer feel the desired swing that he has recreated.  Since we began testing the GolfGym HeavyClub, we've received many enthusiastic responses from golfers of all skill levels who have said they're hitting the ball much more solidly and staying on plane more than ever before."

Pierce feels the GolfGym HeavyClub is the perfect complement to the GolfGym Power Swing Trainer.

"This is the second in a series of products we are introducing to help golfers improve their swing," he said. "Each is designed and positioned to complement the other and addresses a range of golfer's needs: strength, control, flexibility, injury prevention and stamina. For example, using the HeavyClub immediately after using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer helps the golfer make a fluid golf swing. We also know that another key element of a good golf swing is good balance. The GolfGym HeavyClub doesn't allow the golfer to swing out of balance."   "Combining these products," added Pierce, "the golfer is able to improve his skills and move to the next level much faster."


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Tac tic wrist


Benefits: Train the hands, fix flipping, reduce topping and increase power.


The tac-tic wrist is one of the most under rated golf training aids that you have never come across. The Tac tic wrist will simply click when the wrist breaks down. You can wear it on your left wrist to ensure that it stays flat and does not break down through impact, one of the beginner golfers greatest faults. The right wrist should be bent back for a powerful impact just as a tennis player at Wimbledon would hit a powerful forehand. The tac tic wrist golf training aid will give a feel for maintaining correct positions as well as an audible click to detect flaw. Correct positions in a golf swing are sometimes better felt than explained in words. When golfers have a sense of the position of the hands for a strong impact and a sense of repeatability that the tactic wrist can give they are armed with a great training aid for very little money. For this reason we recommend the tac tic wrist golf training aid. The tac tic wrist works.


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Tac Tic Elbow


Benefits: Improved distance through greater radius, Improve angle of attack.



The tac tic elbow golf training aid allows for the correct position of the left arm or right arm for left handed golfers. The left arm provides a radius for the golf swing and although it need not be stiff and locked it is best to maintain the extension.

The tac tic elbow will give an audible click when the leading arm breaks or bends in the golf swing. With a consistent radius in your golf swing it is far easier to find the golf ball on the correct arc. The dreaded chicken wing through impact can be cured giving the golfer greater distance and helping the fix the banana ball slice. The tac tic elbow is comfortable to wear and provides a real benefit to golfers for a small amount of money. The tac tic Elbow golf training aid works.


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Whippy Tempomaster


Benefits: Tempo, Improved transition from backswing to downswing, More consistent golf, Repeatable golf swings, Fix Slice.


The whippy tempomaster golf training aid has earned itself its own section on the site. To describe the sensation of a uniform golf swing and a motion that constantly stresses the golf club is difficult to explain. Within minutes of using the super flexible shaft of the whippy tempomaster golf training club many students start to feel that the hands task is to monitor the weight of the golf club. It has been said that a golf swing should feel as though you were swinging a rock on a string. With less excessive motion from the hands and arms the transition from the top of the back swing to the start of the down swing becomes smooth and on plane. The common error of club head throwaway in the down swing can very quickly and easily be cured as the hands develop a sense of the weight of the club head. The result is a smoother tempo and a heavy blow into the ball. To develop a sense of the weight of the club and improve your transition from the top of your swing the whippy tempomaster golf training aid is hard to beat. You may have never seen or used the whippy but most students after looking at the super soft golf club shaft with misbelieve, soon feel the benefits normally within the first ten swings. 


The whippy tempomaster golf training club works!


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Perfect Grip


Benefits: Correct grip, Fix your slice, Fix Topping, Consistent golf, More distance.


The perfect grip golf training aid is a molded construction grip trainer that can be secured onto any club you wish to practice with, using a clip and slide strip that will secure the perfect grip to any golf club without the need for glue or adhesives. The design is based around the grip of Mark Omeara and provides a guide for a neutral grip. For the kinesthetic or feel learner the perfect grip golf training aid is more valuable than written words or verbal descriptions of the correct golf grip. To speed the process of creating a correct repeatable golf grip the Perfect Grip provides great value for money. The perfect grip comes in various sizes to fit the golf club of juniors through to arthritic men’s.


The perfect grip works!


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Refiner golf training clubs


Benefits: Improve swing plane, Smoother tempo and rhythm, Fix your slice, Improve distance with better forearm rotation, Longer golf shots.


The refiner golf training clubs are similar to the popular medicus golf training aid in the way that it utilizes a hinge system to give the sensation of swing plane, tempo and uniformity of motion within the swing. The Refiner golf training aid will break if the swing is not on plane. The refiner will also break if the swing is too jerky or quick on the take away or transition from the top of the back swing to the start of the downswing. The hinge is a patented design and is durable and of quality design. The refiner is normally priced a little lower than the Medicus golf training aid and provides great value for money. The Refiner is available in various flexes and sizes with the refiner five iron and refiner driver being very popular as are the medicus driver and medicus 5 iron.


Refiner now have there position in the market as a functional and reliable golf training aid. Refiner provides a real benefit to golfers as a quality golf training club and is recommended.


The Refiner works!


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Golf metronome


Benefits: Improved tempo and rhythm for short and long game, More consistency, Improved sequencing.


The clip on golf metronome emits a quick rhythmical beep that can be heard by the golfer when clipped onto the shirt collar. The cadence is adjustable and is great for practicing short and full golf swings. Tempo is such a great swing thought for many golfers to have a golf training aid to help you is an asset. The metronome takes up minimal room in your golf bag.


When you hear someone talking about 'finding their swing' he or she usually means they are trying to find their swing tempo for that day. Practicing to ingrain a consistent rhythm and swing tempo can make the difference between a smooth effortless swing and an uptight out-of-sequence swing.

Whether putting or driving, the Golf Metronome will provide a structure to improve your:

  • Takeaway & backswing 'set' point.

  • Transition into the downswing.

  • Putting stroke - eliminate the yips!

  • Putting and short-game distance control.

One of the Golf Metronome's most appealing features is it's simplicity. Two buttons increase or decrease the number of beats per minute (from 30 b.p.m. to 200 b.p.m.) while the ON/OFF button adjusts the volume. Includes drawstring carry pouch. Discreetly clip the Golf Metronome onto your cap or shirt lapel, then watch the awed expressions of your golfing partners looking at your silky new swing.

The golf metronome works!

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Golf Training Aids


P.G.A Professional Review of Golf Training Aids for amateur golfers.



Golf Training Aids provide the most powerful form of learning for amateur golfers of all levels and are priceless for effective golf lessons. We teach over 100 students a week of all levels, have worked at 5 Star resorts and Destination Golf Schools all over the world. The finest Golf Training Aids are highlighted for your convenience. We have access to 1000's of Golf Training Aids however choose to only stock a few Golf Training Aids that we have tested with our students and they genuinely found beneficial. Golf Training Aids that Work! You could say that all of our Golf Training Aids are 100% tested on Humans.


As P.G.A golf professionals we are often asked which golf training aid is the correct one for the student.  Most students will improve rapidly with golf training aids as long as the golf training aid that they are using is specific to the golf swing flaw that they are working on. So we set out to assess the benefits of golf lessons and golf practice with golf training aids versus golf lessons and golf practice without golf training aids. We also assessed practice with the correct golf training aids versus the incorrect golf training aids for the individual student. We also wanted to separate from the thousands of golf gadgets and golf gimmicks from the real deal in golf training aids so our students need not go down a long dusty road. The smooth freeway is accomplished with the correct golf training aids.



View our full range of Golf Training Equipment 


View our recommended Golf Training Aids


We view a golf training aids prescription as a doctor would prescribe the appropriate medicine. The doctor would not prescribe a course of antibiotics for a broken arm; to do so may seem unscrupulous. We have viewed our golf training aids prescriptions much the same way as it is not getting a sale that counts it is the improvement of the student. We have found that by giving the right golf training aids prescription in the first place our students improve faster and have become loyal and lifelong golfers. Integrity in the golf training Aids Business needs to be maintained as creating wealth seems to be the focus, which is unfortunate. We believe in creating loyal customers and keeping them. Our students stay with us because we have their best interests in mind.


View our full range of Golf Training Equipment 


View our recommended Golf Training Aids



The right golf training aid in the hands of an inspired golfer is the most powerful tool imaginable. The wrong golf training aids can provide incorrect feedback. We have found that Golf Training Aids that allow the golfer to hit the golf ball, such as the Medicus 5 iron, Medicus Driver, Swing Gyde, Refiner 5 Iron, Refiner Driver, Whippy Tempomaster Irons, Whippy Tempo master Driver, Tac Tic Wrist, Tac Tic Elbow, Perfect Grip, Golf Metronome, Inside Approach, Swing Connectors, Golf Simulators, Golf Swing Analyzers, Golf Analyzers and similar golf training aids were the most effective golf training aids.


View our full range of Golf Training Equipment 


View our recommended Golf Training Aids



Other Golf Training Aids we also found to be effective without hitting the ball were the Impact bag, Speed Stik and the Power Swing Fan.


As Teachers of the game we were continually disappointed in the selection of golf training aids that our students had chosen or been sold by seemingly unqualified sources, so decided to help them out by building this site to help them with the selection of the correct golf training aids for their needs without marketing spiels. Our students started to see that the golf training aids that we prescribed were the correct golf training aids for there needs so they saved time and money and improved much faster than other golfers who were guessing on which golf training aid was correct for their needs.



View our full range of Golf Training Equipment 


View our recommended Golf Training Aids


Kinesthetic and visual learning are the two most powerful forms of learning and golf training aids can provide almost all of the kinesthetic input. While assessing the effectiveness of golf training aids versus golf tips or golf lessons. When we simply left the student with the correct golf training aids they could feel and see the correct motion of the swing. Sometimes words or verbal lessons without feel from a golf training aid were far less effective.


We are always saying to our students that the correct feel is better than a million word essay on the golf swing. With the correct golf training aids prescription we have constantly improved students without confusion.


We concluded without a doubt that golf training aids work!


We also concluded that the correct Golf Training Aids in the hands of a correctly prescribed student were far more effective than words alone. When the prescription was given by a P.G.A Professional proficient in analyzing golf swings the results were incredible. We have endeavored to make it easy to choose the correct golf training aids for your needs on our site.  


If you are unsure please contact us.


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